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Connor Lane


Despite having grown up in New England, Connor is a true British Columbian at heart. He grew up skiing and biking, and now enjoys the same activities on a much larger scale with a much better backdrop. When not at Gear Hub (which isn’t too often), he is most likely found out on the ski hill or having some two-wheeled fun – just don’t make him pick one sport over the other!

Jules Blair

Customer Care Executive

Don’t be fooled by her questionable accent, Jules was born and raised in Scotland! She came to Fernie on vacation at Christmas and decided not to leave. New to skiing this year she spent her first winter getting in as many days as possible at the hill and going on her first backcountry ski trips. She’s still doubtful that warm toes are a thing in winter and when she’s not at GearHub, you’ll find her mountain biking or in the garden growing veggies.

James Rotor

Customer Care Executive

James originates from Ottawa and has always had a passion for the outdoors. Since moving West he has grown as a snowboarder, skier and most recently a mountain biker. In the winter he worked in the Terrain Park at Fernie Alpine Resort and is now immersed in the GearHub team. Having done lots of paddling on the Ottawa river he also knows his way around white water. All in all, like the rest of the team, James is a general sports enthusiast!

Amy Buchan

Customer Care Executive

Originally from the land of the lakes in Ontario, Amy starting travelling Canada in 2006, exploring every inch before finding a home in Fernie, BC.  Amy is into being outside.  She likes to ride her bike, ski the slopes, paddle and swim the lakes all while loving her RV home.  Amy is also the proud maker of Happy Spoke Designs, Bike Part Art.  She creates one of a kind stained glass designs inside of recycled bike parts as well as jewellery from recycled bike chains.  They are on display at GearHub, come by and take a look.

Nate Bundschuh


Originally from Saskatchewan with a road riding background Nate made the move out West to give his tires a chance to feel the freedom of dirt. He is a Freestyle Ski Coach and has been doing it for years, this hobby has turned into a career which takes him all over Canada and the U.S. for training sessions and competitions. He is also studying at the College of the Rockies in Cranbrook however you can still catch him hanging out at the Hub, doing what he does best – fixing bikes and working on skis.

Sam Moffat


Sam has been twisting wrenches at GearHub since it opened, somewhere in the middle though he took off to Vancouver for 2 years to go to music school. During those 2 years he continued working on bikes at Comor Sports in Burnaby and now he is back with even more knowledge and expertise. We are happy to have him back, but he is really the happy one – back in the mountains, back on his bike. There’s no place like Loam.

Ashley Taylor

Customer Care Executive

I grew up in both Whistler and Fernie. Ski culture is in my blood but fell in love with white water.  I’ve been going to school and travelling for the last 6 years. More recently I’ve found new passions such as rock climbing, biking, and yoga. I hope to continue my education in the health science while playing in the mountains.


Caleb Brown

Customer Care Executive

Having grown up in Fernie, Caleb shares a special bond with the forests and mountains that surround this little town. He has spent most of his life playing and working here in Fernie but has done his fair share of travelling; skiing and biking in Europe, travelling and competing all over North America following the Freeskiing World Tour, and exploring BC and Quebec on his mountain bike. With that said, he is still proud and excited about his life in Fernie. “When I got back to Fernie after a 10 month trip to Europe, which was my first time really away from home, I understood that British Columbia is where I want to be. Fernie has everything I need to grow myself as an athlete and I am so content spending my days enjoying biking with friends or doing solo touring missions on the Lizard Range.”

Jaime Hanson

Office Administrator

If you’ve ever met Jaime, then you know there’s only one word that best describes her: FEARLESS! Hiking, Climbing, Snowshoeing, Sledding – Jaime’s done it, or is getting ready to do it! And besides all that, she’s working towards her CGA! GearHub’s stoked that she’s our Office Administrator!

Aaron Levesque


If you think hucking cliffs, riding down a mountain at Mach2, or challenging that favourite rapid of yours is tough – try being a stay at home Mom! All jesting aside. Aaron does have a little experience to talk about. In 2008, she walked home with First place in the Fitness category at Saskatchewan’s Amateur’s Bodybuilding competition. Then in 2009, took home 2nd Place in both Women’s Figure Tall, and Women’s Fitness categories. So, when you need to talk to someone about how to get that body of yours in shape, no matter what the reason – Aaron’s your girl!!

Jonathan Levesque


Raised in the prairies, Jon now calls Fernie his home. While he’s still waiting for his official “Local” designation, in his heart he knows this is where he was meant to be. A beautiful family, 15 years and counting in the IT industry, and a lifetime of searching adventure, Jon knows he has the ingredients to help GearHub be the best Sports store around!

Mark Hall


It has finally happened! A dream that began not long after my first high school ski trip and not long after I was totally hooked on everything outdoor. My dream to have my own outdoor shop.

My passion for sport has always been my motivator to do more, more, & more. I love it all-skiing, biking, kayaking, climbing, sledding, hiking, mountaineering, I really love the diversity of all the outdoor adventures that can bring us such clarity and peacefulness and excitement all in one go. My passion is probably what I’m known best for.

Over my 17 years of managing various small, medium and corporate sized retail businesses, my passion has always been a motivating factor for literally hundreds of staff over the years as well as creating a real bond and relationship with literally thousands of happy customers and friends alike. I cant wait to share my passion, service and expertise to all through the GEARHUB.

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