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Gearhub Trail Day

Biking / News

Gearhub had a great turnout for the Fernie Bike Shop trail day. The Gearhub crew of volunteers included Ashley, Chris, Dan, Jenn, JF and Mark.





Our crew of passionate riders spent the day on Stove Trail installing 7 new culverts, repairing numerous drainage issues and clearing a couple of trees from Slunt. Stove Trail is a climbing trail that accesses a number of downhills including; Dem Bones, Hedonism, Erics Trip, Slunt, Mushroom Head and Red Sonya. Keeping the uphill climbs dry and efficient creates more downhill time! JF was quoted saying, “the flow is back on Stove Trail, the water is in the ditch!”

Another team of volunteers went to the Ridgemont area and completed the Kushier/CDT connector, the LCRBT connector to Kushier and revived TR3. Riders can loop back to town now from Kushier to CDT via the new connector. LCRBT is now rideable to Kushier.

Overall 21 volunteers came out to support the Bike Shop trail day including regular trail builders; Rick Weis, Pat Gilmar, Bob Mitchel aka Mitchy, and Ben Martin. Gearhub is proud to support the community and Western Canada’s best trail network.