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Storm Cycles Episode One: Western Montana with Glacier Adventure Guides

Backcountry / News / Skiing

Here is Episode One of Storm Cycles – 4 skiers, 4 destinations, travelling by train, bus and mini van.

“The brutal cold of the midwestern morning shivers against the train as its passengers sleep soundly. Chests rising and fall with the familiar rhythm of the rails. The tracks expanding and contracting in the depth freeze beneath our feet. As we awake a North Dakotan sunrise breaks the horizon. With the news of twenty new inches of snow in West Glacier spreading throughout the team our restful minds can’t help wonder. Filling with images of the day to come as we take in the vibrant colours of the western planes from our train windows.”

Whit Boucher
Caleb Brown
Hayden Price
Thayne Rich
David Powder Steele

Greg Fortin

TJ David
Trent Bona